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American guard Dee Bost with bulgarian pаssport in special interview for BGbasket.com where he confessed his willing to play again for Bulgarian national team this summer. This season he plays for Monaco, which stands to the first position in France ProA. After a week Bost and his team will play in Final 4 of first edition of Basketball Champions league. For short term Bost became one of best players of Monaco. How he feels there and what thinks for the french league, read in the following interview: 


- How do you feel in France ProA this season?

- I feel good in France pro A this season we have a really good team and we still have a long season to go.


-What do you think for the level of their league?

-I think the level of the league here in France is good . France had 2 teams in the top 8 in basketball champions league and 2 teams are competing in the final of fiba Europe cup so that shows the level of competition is good.


- Are you satisfied with your play and your team′s position? 

- Тo be honest I′m not satisfied with my play because I still have a lot to prove and improve on to be great. I′m never satisfied I can always be better


- At the end of april you are going to take part in first Final 4 of Basketball Champions League.

- What do you think for the first edition of this tournament  and what do you expect for the Final 4? oming up soon we will be in Tenerife taking part in the first ever final 4 of the BCL im excited and it′s an honor to play in it. I expect to go out and compete at an high level with my teammates to try and win the championship


- The summer is far away, but what are your plans? Are you going to play for Bulgarian national team again for the World Pre-Qualifications?

- Yes, the summer is far away but I am going to play with Bulgaria this summer and we have a good chance at qualifying and I think we can.



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