Anguelov separates with BC Kiev

Anguelov separates with BC Kiev
Dimitar Anguelov
14-05-2006 20:42 | Lubomir Neshev

[b]Dimitar Anguelov[/b] and [b]BC Kiev[/b] have agreed to cancel their contract and now the Bulgarian is a free agent, reports newspaper [b]Tema Sport[/b]. The 25 year old [b]Anguelov[/b] couldn't play a single game for his team as he suffered a bad injury in the off season and had an operation on his knee.In the moment the former [b]Yambolgas[/b] captain is still recovering.He has started practicing with a ball but is expected to be fully fit after a month and a half when the preparation of Bulgaria National Team for European qualifyings will start.[b]Anguelov[/b] is one of the players that the head coach [b]Rossen Barchovski[/b] will rely on to help the country play in its second straight European Championship. Despite not playing from October last year, [b]Anguelov[/b] is not forgotten. To confirm this is the official propose made to him by the board of [b]Hapoel Galil Elyon[/b]. If he joins the team for next season he will probably team up with former [b]CSKA[/b] teammate [b]Yordan Bozov[/b] and former [b]Lukoil Academic[/b] guard [b]Bryant Smith[/b]. However there is still a lot of time until the next season and we all hope that [b]Anguelov[/b] recovers in time to help the national side first. има нужда от Вас, за да продължи да съществува


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