10 things we don`t know about... Lenny Daniel

10 things we don`t know about... Lenny Daniel
02-04-2015 15:01

BGbasket.com  continues with the rubric “10 things, we don`t know about...” Every month we invite a player, who reveals an interesting facts for his life and answers to non-basketball questions. Last month our guest was MVP from Cup of Bulgaria Stanimir Marinov and this month we also have a player from Cherno more. This is an American forward Lenny Daniel, who become MVP of All Star Game in Yambol a few days ago. He showed of incredible athleticism to impressed the fans in Diana Hall and won the slam dunk contest together with the capitain of Balkan Pavel Marinov.


The 27-year old American forward was born in Virginia. He graduated Cal State Northridge College in 2011. Last season Daniel played in Apollon Patras (Greece). An Interesting fact for him is that he had played an American football until he turned 16, but after that he went in Ft. Wayne MA (USA -D-league  3rd (42).He also played for Maccabi (K/G) (Israel), KCC Egis (South Korea) and Ironi (K-A) Israel. This season in 21 games in Cherno more he averaged 14.1 points and 6.7 rebounds per game.


Here are 10 things you don`t know about MVP of All Star game 2015 Lenny Daniel:


1.What are you doing when you wake up?

- “Listen to music.”


2.What is your favourite quote?

- "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me"


3.What is the strangest present you have ever received?

- A wooden shoe from a fan...I′m not sure why.It was In Greece.


4.What is your funniest moment on the basketball court?

-"I was on ESPN not top 10 (blooper plays) trying to dunk but didn′t get high enough and missed on the front of the rim...the entire country saw this in America and I got laughed at by everyone ... I was in the university then


5.What is your favourite brand for basketball shoes?

- Kobe′s


6.What is your favourite food?

-"Everything, lol. I′m a fat boy, but Macaroni and cheese is my favourite."


7.What`s your favourite movie?

- "The Dark Knight"


8. What kind of music you prefer to listen before or after a game?

- "I listen to a bit of everything. No particular order. I like all kinds of music."


9.What is your favourite place for a holiday to relax?

 - Back in Los Angeles""


10. How you would conclude the sentence "Out of the basketball court Lenny Daniel is.....?

-"A very funny guy who loves the beach and spending time with his friends. While eating all day."


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