Wish you luck! And nerves of steel too

Wish you luck! And nerves of steel too
21-04-2008 10:09

One man is talking in front of 150 people at the General meeting of the Bulgarian basketball federation. One 88-years old man. A man, whose voice is quivering, while he shares watching people in the eyes: “Basketball was my world!”
And it still is his life…
Bojidar Takev.
At 88 years, one of the biggest in Bulgarian basketball, demonstrated with a few honest words, with his motion, something very important, that should possess everyone at the leading positions in this sport.
Real emotion. And devotion. For basketball. 
These, that have spent countless sleepless night waiting for some game – they understand. Players, coaches, bosses – it doesn’t matter.
Those, that the Game has succeeded to grip – they know. The good is that, there were people like them among these 150 at the meeting, where was decided the future of the Bulgarian basketball at least in the next 5 years.
These, that stood up on their feet to applause the man, that has devoted his life to the aim, they share too. And it’ll be better, if they’re as many as possible. And it’ll be easier for the new president of the federation Mihail Mihov too, no matter the most difficult it still coming for him.
Now is the time for the promises to be fulfilled and the aims to be realized. Now is the time, when the excuses are…inappropriate. 
Just the way, that behaved the ex-president of our basketball federation. Atanas Tonev retired with dignity after more than 10 years at the top of Bulgarian federation. He retired without pointing with a finger at all that have been done and without closing his eyes for what haven’t been done. Because the most valuable is to be able to look in the eyes people, who have trusted you.  
Hopefully Mihail Mihov, who won the difficult battle with his ambitious opponent Vladimir Boyanov, showing intention to justify the delegates’s confidence will continue to look them straight in the eyes. But mostly we hope that he’ll be himself, because the responsibility is his, no matter the figures behind him. Responsibility sometime sweet, but more often tough. Because there will be moments when even one decision, even one act or…inaction may mean more that many other.
And let’s wish that the hints for pressure or manipulations that sneaked won’t have rich soil anymore! 
So, Mr. Mihov to you, as to Pini Gershon, for the good of Bulgarian basketball:
Wish you luck! And nerves of steel too…

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