Just facts!

Just facts!
20-03-2008 09:53

The good news from ULEB Cup for Bulgaria is called Bojidar Avramov. 18-years old Bulgarian basketball player and his Pamesa Valencia defeated KK Zadar and qualified for the Final Eight of the ULEB Cup. Exactly the young Bojo is the only Bulgarian representative in this European tournament after LukOil Academic left the competition.

Responsibility for him? – No, by no means!

Even his attendance in Pamesa’s 1st squad has to be a reason for joy for us. And for hope too!

Because, as it’s clear for some time past it’s quite inappropriate to count and to compare how many player we have in the European tournaments and how many some neighbour country of ours for example.

It’s too late to stare in the past. No, not because, there’s not many to learn, but because we usually do it to look for someone guily. And there’s no use from this. 

In Spain Bojidar Avramov does this, what many coevals of his dream for. He got a chance and used it. Or better to say – fights for it every day, at every practice. As a prove, that the talent needs a lot of work, to become a reality. 

And, if some day, there’re more like Bojidar, we won’t wonder, if our national team has future. And may be, we won’t be so impressed how many Bulgarians play at the champions and the following teams to explain their results. But there still a lot of time till that day… 


The champion of Bulgaria, present and logically – the future – LukOil Academic was eliminated from ULEB Cup after the games with Dynamo Moscow – an indisputably better and more experienced opponent. The basketball could be an unpredictable game, but usually the reality prevails over. Everything else is just exception, that we can only dream of. 


Just facts. Definitely not a reason for pessimism, but for sure – permanent stimulant for more for the Bulgarian fans. Fortunately in LukOil Academic’s team they level up and let’s wish they’ll never rest till they reach higher results, because they’re the real example for all other clubs in our country. That’s the facts and they bring applauses for the great wins, but even bigger expectations too…

And if in LukOil Academic want to be big, they’ll have to manage with the tense and with the critics too. It’s their choice, how they’ll take them…

Because they hardly need to repeat the obvious – that they’re quite better that the others in the domestic championship, that the did a good job going out of the group in ULEB Cup, and great after the eliminated one rival in the 116-finals. 

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