Proud to be Bulgarian

Proud to be Bulgarian
29-07-2007 16:49

Sunday, July 29th.
Strangely how many people have said to themselves this… May be not many. Unfortunately. But that’s a fact. Just like it’s a fact, that there are people for who these words mean a lot. It’s not necessary to tell them aloud. It’s enough to have them in your heart. May be they’re not many too…
But the important thing is that there are such. And I hope, that they are more.

Probably in everyone’s life there are moments when he/she felt in his/her heart satisfaction of the name “Bulgaria”… and happiness to be part of it.
For sure most of this moments are always connected with our sport. And basketball too. Like the September 22nd, 2004 in Varna and the win against Israel, that sent us at the European championship in Serbia and Montenegro
I remember the feeling after the last second…
Not something special, just scenes stamped on my memory. The performance of the national anthem in the hall… and the feast after the game.
The same emotions like after the success of LukOil Academic over Real Madrid in “Univesriada”. The noise of the fans and…the hugs after the final.
Just the same as when Bulgarian champion’s triumph in Russia against Dynamo Moscow. The joyful cry of the players in the locker room after that.
And one more time, like the excitement of “The Students over the Italian Cantu in Sofia. And how the captain Todor Stoykov grabs a ball, that seems to be Hopeless…and the tears at the end.
But, let’s stop with the memories – that’s just a short example, that we have seen a really good things in basketball. And what’s more not so long ago. It’s true, that everything happens some how in the last moment, but obviously that’s the way it is here in Bulgaria.
And if we accept, that the up-coming euroqualifications are the “last train” for the championship in Spain, may be there’s a place for Bulgarian national team in it!
Of course, If we deserve it. And if, like the coach Titi Papazov wished – in the morning of August 8th, before the 1st game in Bosnia, all the players to know, that they have done everything, that depends on them. And everyone is ready to do on the same way!
Everybody. Including Roderick Blackney. As for him, that “Thank you” to the offer to get a BG-passport is even better confirmation for the rightness to play for Bulgaria, than the demonstration of his abilities in the friendly games.
There’s little more time till August 11th when’s the 1st home games of our national team and it depends only on us to make our players to feel at home! If we want them to make us tell again – “I’m proud to be Bulgarian!”

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